Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear Future Husband


Honey, you’re so sad. I can’t figure a way to help you. You have so much stress on you and it’s making me sad. I hope when we get older we won’t have this much trouble staying happy.

Please understand, I’m not a physically affectionate person. I’m not comfortable showing affection, and thus, only rarely will I show you that I love you - and when I do it was be in a light touch, a small peck on the cheek, a simple smile. It won’t be some grand gesture. It’ll be so small you’ll miss it unless you’re looking for it.
But I could write down one hundred and one ways that you make my life better. Fifty ways I love you. Twenty things you do that makes me smile. I could tell you how your laughter is better than rain on a tin roof, how your touch makes my heart beat so fast it frightens me. I could tell you that one kiss from you sets my body aflame, and I glow like the moon.
I can tell you that you set my soul alight. That before you I was empty, walking through life with empty eyes. That you’re my sun and stars, the light in my darkness.
But I cannot show you with hard kisses or pressing hugs. I cannot show you by throwing my arms around your neck. I’m uncomfortable with grand, physical gestures.
But I will love you with all my heart. I would love you like the sea loves to be free. I will love you until I am nothingness.

You deserve the best. And if that means we can’t be together just yet, I’m willing to wait. God is still working in us. He’s still working on making me the best I can possibly be ..for you. To love you patiently, kindly, considerately.. To love without envy or pride.. To honor and love you selflessly..
Let’s overcome the odds and have a love worth fighting for. Let’s overcome the odds and have a marriage that lasts. Let’s have this journey that’s not centered on chemistry or simply being in love but have a relationship centered on loving God and becoming who He wants us to be as individuals. Let’s take these two separate paths, combine them, and allow it to lead us to experiencing God in His utmost glory which is through relationships— through our relationship.

For now, let’s live those individual lives, follow our own paths, and let God lead us down this road. Eventually, to each other. Love and be loved. Be happy. Be sad, be angry, be frustrated. Experience. Experience life, experience God.

You’re in my thoughts. You’re in my prayers.

But until then,

Your Future Wife

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